Life Guidance Oracle Deck

Are you busy and looking for daily intuitive guidance to help you throughout your day, allowing you to move forward? Want to gain clarity and stop wondering what the spirit is trying to tell you? This is the deck for you then. I created this deck to ignite and start you on your path to strengthening your own intuition.

This 88-card deck is also the perfect companion for you when you take my Intuitive Teachings!

Psychic Readings

  • Looking for clarity or information to help make a more informed decision?
  • Have some questions you are seeking the answers to?
  • Find yourself confused and in need of some guidance?
  • Seeking closure or more wisdom?

My readings and heritage as a sixth-generation psychic are here for this purpose and perfect for you!

Intuitive Teaching

Stop guessing and start knowing! Learn to tune in, turn on and tap into your own natural intuition. Clear the chaos and learn to trust the messages you receive. No more hit-and-miss chances. Instead, by using your Divine Sense, you will learn to accurately read and interpret your sixth sense.

Intuitive Coaching

Feeling overwhelmed? Is a major decision coming up or do you find that you are self-sabatoging? Does life look great from the outside but not from the inside, and do you feel like you are barely keeping all the plates spinning? I hear you! I understand your frustration and pain! Let me help guide you over the next 6 weeks to a new way of being.

Individual and/or Business Services/Retainer

Looking for something more long term? Searching for a new perspective that will allow you to excel further, accomplish more, find deeper insights, and embrace the visionary that is you? Your search for more has led you here. 

Working with me is nothing short of a life-changing endeavor. That is, if you’re ready for change in your life!

Intuitive Workshop and Speaking

I hold 3-hour to weekend-long workshops, and speak from 20 minutes to 2 hours on how to develop one’s own intuition in their business and personal lives. I have done these all over the U.S., and would love to do one for you and your group.