Allow me the pleasure of introducing myself, I am a sixth generation natural born psychic. My abilities showed themselves by the time I was two when my Mother took me to the zoo one day and I latched onto what we call our life totem animal. This is the totem that stays with you your entire life where some will come and go, and mine is the shark. 

I let her know that and she helped feed the love for them throughout my formative years. This is why you will see one around me and my publications. The second totem I have is my environmental one which for me is the ocean. The aura cleansing of the salt water and the rejuvenation of the waves speaks to my soul. 

This is not to say that I am not drawn to other environments like the majestic Rockies; it is only that I am drawn to the ocean and its life force on the deepest level of existence. Growing up I showed my abilities often and was shown my heritage and to accept it as normal. Psychic was something even my maternal grandfather felt at times needed to be sheltered. .

Thankfully we are now at a time in history when this is no longer a necessity. Let me tell you about my lineage. My mother is Kelli Lee Sappenfield a psychic in her own right but that is not her life path. She is a spiritual master working with others and by herself on her own personal mission. 

Her father was a psychic that was renowned to many, his name was George Thomas O’Steen. He saw clients mainly in Denver, Dallas, Los Angelis, and Tulsa, Oklahoma was where he chose to have his daughters raised and where I was born. His brother, David O’Steen, saw clients mostly in northeastern Texas. 

Their father, George M. O’Steen, was not only a psychic but Wichita Falls, Texas’ fire chief that was forced to retire out of his position once it came to light that he was a psychic. Further back I have Vashti, the grandmother of George M. who he contributed to his understanding and appreciation of his abilities. 

I am a mystic who is embarking on a wonderful and exciting spiritual journey and have had several spiritual experiences. When I was two I was the one who kissed my great-grandmother and she passed over at that moment and I witnessed the transition into the realm of spirit. 

My path so far has taken me on several life-changing avenues to bring to understanding and knowledge of what my life’s mission is. Some of those avenues have been devastatingly hard like the day in July of my sixteenth year when a close friend and I were working as life guards. I was scheduled to work that day but every time I tried to get out of bed I became severely sick to my stomach. Coming to the correct conclusion, I called in and told them that I would not be making it in to work; immediately I felt fine and could get up and move around.

Mom confirmed that I was just not suppose to be at work that day for some unforeseen reason. Later that evening my friend died in a freak accident at the water park. This threw me into a tailspin that had me questioning God, myself, my abilities and why I have them and yet could not save my friend. 

I moved to Florida for my freshman year at college and started coming back around to acknowledging who I was and it was not an engineer! That summer I had one of the most awe inspiring experiences one can have, a light experience. My paradigm took a complete change instantly and I knew then that I am a spirit eternal and that my mission is to follow in my Grandfather’s footsteps and be the psychic and spiritual teacher I came into this life to be.