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You have greatness within you.  You may not realize this, or maybe the daily grind and distractions of life have kept you from realizing your true potential, but it’s there, just waiting to burst forth.

All you need is a spark.

I’m Seth Sappenfield, a sixth generation PSYCHIC MEDIUM from a highly intuitive psychic family, so you could say that I was born for this.

Let Me Show You How to Overcome Your Setbacks and Smash Through the Barriers that are Keeping You From Achieving Your Greatest Self

With my One-on-One Coaching I can help you to harness your true greatness as you begin to conquer the limiting beliefs, self-sabotage and lack of clarity that have kept you from your goals and dreams. I’ll use my own intuitive skills to help you identify the roadblocks that you may not be seeing.

You’ll be held accountable every step of the way as you go from where you are now to where you want to be, and where you were MEANT to be.  It’s time to take control of your life and chart a new course so you can finally find your true path.

One-on-One Coaching

My one-on-one Coaching will focus on an area of your life in the goals to turn it around and get it to where you wish it to be.

Intuition Teaching

Intuition Teaching is to help you develop your intuition so that you can make clear and better choices moving forward.  Also allowing you to plan with personal insight into what is best for yourself.

Psychic Readings

In a Reading we can cover any part of your life with the goal of getting information, closure, or understanding on things to help you moving forward.

With my Intuition Teaching I’ll show you how to recognize and develop your intuitive skills so you can apply them in all kinds of circumstances any time in the future.  It’s like having the inside track on how people are thinking, what they plan on doing and how you can prepare, react and respond accordingly.

Imagine applying these new skills with your co-workers, clients or even family members, so you can head off conflicts and be more pro-active.

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Together we can work to unleash your true greatness!